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Last course: SECURITY in the ARCTIC

16 – 20 Apr 2018, UiT, Kirkenes Campus, Norway

This PhD course addressed the historic and current relationships between Norway and Russia – and other relevant international actors operating in the region – and how these affect human/security in the Arctic.

Confirmed contributing professors: Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv (CPS/UiT), Kari Aga Myklebust (AHR/UiT), Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen (ISV/UiT), Alexandr Sergunin (StPSU), Pavel Baev (PRIO) and Olav Stokke (ISV/UIO)., FLorian Stammler (Arctic Centre, University of Lapland), Aytalina Ivanova (CPS/UiT & NEFU Yakutsk)

The deadline for this course was in February 2018. For any other questions, please email to the organisers  gunhild.hoogensen.gjorv(at)uit.no, or christine.smith-simonsen@uit.no

Students in funding partner countries (Norway, Canada, USA, Russia, China, Denmark, Finland) are eligible for funding – the number of funded participants will be limited to the funding available. All applications will be considered on the basis of previous participation (to complete the certificate program) as well as project/paper proposal.

People who applied had to provide the following

1) letter of motivation (why you want to go there and how is this related to your work)

2) CV

3) abstract of paper / chapter to be presented there, can be a draft article, a draft chapter, a draft research plan.

4) short ouline of your PhD or M.A. topic (surely you have that, just send it along)

5) scan of your passport, home address and telephone, for visa invitation application.

If you send us items 1-5 before the deadline, your application will enter the selection pool for funded participation.

Past courses

further past courses

Course title Course location Time Documents
Topical Issues in Resources and Arctic Extractive Industries’ Developments University of Northern British Columbia, Canada May 22-26, 2014 Abstract
Arctic city-communities and the extractive industries: urbanisation, industrial livelihoods and sustainability-considerations University of Lapland, Finland December 2-6 2013 Abstract+Programme
Cumulative Effects of Arctic Extractive Industrial Development – an interdisciplinary approach University of Tromsø, Norway May 27-31 2013 Programme


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